Namos Soul Food Sunday (Preorder)

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Embark on a delectable journey through the heart of Southern cuisine with "Soul Food Sunday," a cookbook that reimagines classic comfort food. Dive into pages where tradition meets health-conscious innovation, bringing you a collection of recipes that honor the soul-warming flavors of the South, with a focus on wellness and nutrition.


  • 10 primary recipes
  • Interactive standard hyperlinked pdf
  • Mobile pdf version (available by January 21st, 2024)
  • Guide to hosting a soul food Sunday gathering or solo Sunday

💡 What's Inside

  • The Prime: 9 Traditional soul food recipes with a twist
  • Healthier Classics: Enjoy all the flavors you love with thoughtful, health-oriented twists. 
  • Inclusiveness: Imperial and metric system measurements
  • Easy-to-Follow Recipes: Clear, step-by-step instructions make these dishes accessible for cooks of all levels.
  • Preparation Made Simple: With a detailed preparation schedule, you'll learn the art of mise en place, organizing your cooking process to make your Soul Food Sunday both enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Set The Mood: with our curated playlist for slow jamming or gyrating.
  • Curated Audiobook list: 

⭐️ Special Features

  • Heart-Healthy Alternatives: Discover ingredient swaps that lower the sodium and fat content without sacrificing flavor, such as using almond flour and Greek yogurt in place of traditional fats.
  • Hosting Tips: Get expert advice on creating the perfect Soul Food Sunday ambiance, from table settings to music suggestions.
  • Solo Soul Food Sunday Tips: 

👩🏾‍🍳🤰🏾Perfect For

  • Food enthusiasts are looking for healthier ways to learn about and enjoy soul food cuisine.
  • Home cooks seek to expand their culinary repertoire with soul food recipes.

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"Soul Food Sunday: A Healthier Journey Through Southern Comfort" is more than just a cookbook—it's a new tradition in the making. Get ready to fill your kitchen with the scents of the South, your table with love, and your meals with nourishment. Bring the soul to your kitchen today!

🚨 Please Note🚨

This cookbook was part of a 24-hour challenge, and it will be enhanced with more features over the next few weeks. Please note that the current version may contain some minor grammar mistakes and features not fully implemented. By pre-ordering, you gain access to Version 1 of the cookbook and will receive a complimentary upgrade to the next, more polished version upon its release.

p.s. no refund policy

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Namos Soul Food Sunday (Preorder)

0 ratings
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